Copied factory ffxiv

I have an appreciation for science fiction in small doses, and prefer less gritty and more fanciful elements mixed in my sci-fi. Shadowbringers, in contrast, is an expansion that feels quite high-fantasy.

So meshing something of dark sci-fi into this world seemed a very odd choice. I was originally worried that it would be so out of place and overly dark, despite the fact that the devs worked to make it the ultimate highlight of 5. I think for people who understand the world of NeiR, this raid was very significant and well received. First, I was pleasantly surprised with how the teams meshed the Copied Factory into the existing world.

But they managed to make it happen in a way that felt believable. Not only that, but their choice of the side characters who lead you through the raid added just enough humor and whimsy to keep it from getting too dark.

The Factory setting itself was a lot of metal and machines, as I expected. Androids are fighting bad machines to save the world. Ah, well. I do think the normal gear drops there — which are all dyeable for a change — are VERY nice to look at. I actually opened the raid on my RP alt because I was after the aiming coat in particular finally got it last week.

So thumbs-up on glamour design for normal drops. I also think the music is pretty nice there, and got the music drop that people seem to really want last week. Folks who know me know that I have been disgruntled with the difficulty level of Alliance Raids since Weeping City.

The direction the Copied Factory has gone in is a lot better. I actually say that while dying more often in this raid than I did in previous raids.

copied factory ffxiv

Which is funny. I find it an accomplishment each time I manage to stay alive a whole boss fight.This website uses cookies. If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website.

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FFXIV: How to Get Manufactured Coin & How to Use It

The Square Enix terms of use, privacy policy and cookies policy can also be found through links at the bottom of the page. Last Jump to page: Results 11 to 20 of Thread: Copied Factory. Ah, it feels good to be a Taro fan. The data logs and Red """glitch""" fill my soul with a wholesome joy of theorizing and everlasting hype.

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Originally Posted by Vejjiegirl. The problem with FemRoe is that we have a very big upper body, including our bust which is the largest of all the races. If your friend goes max boobs then keep in mind there is a lot of weird clipping that can happen. Originally Posted by Gula. I enjoyed it. My only major complaint is the distinct lack in the amount of red balls and bullet hells.

Originally Posted by Fynlar. I thoroughly enjoyed it,the OST for the raid is mindblowing, especially the last 2 fights. I've sincerely enjoyed every run I've done on my journey for the 2b outfit coffer and the 2nd to last boss feels epic to fight everytime I do it.

I honestly loved it. Originally Posted by TheRogueX. I actually asked myself a similar question; how did they not see all that? They have Amaro. Eulmore, a military power who would most definitely patrol their borders, has airships. Kholusia is SW of the rest of Norvrandt. It would have been literally impossible for everyone to have missed everything that was in that valley from the sky.

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For me, the music was the best part.The Copied Factory gets right in the boss fights. Serial-Joined Command Model kicks things off by summoning multiple cannon-wielding machine lifeforms on the outer edge of the arena.

Any NieR fan will instantly recognize these, and anyone else will know to dodge them.

The Grand Cosmos Dungeon Guide

Avoid the red markers to dodge these. Machines will then descend and begin to lock onto random players for piercing laser shots.

These can be positioned away from the group, but its easier to just have everyone side-step the beams.

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Then comes another raid-wide hide. Machines will appear above and begin dropped bullets all across the arena. Arrows on the floor denote the path they take, so its just a matter of paying attention to the location and avoid any hotspots.

Position yourself on whichever side glows second, and move to the first right after they fire.

copied factory ffxiv

At this point, mechanics begin to repeat and stack. Bullet dodges with lock-on lasers, air strikes with shockwaves, and additional arena-length lasers. This is all mixed in with various types of area attacks stemming from the boss itself.

Stick to the rear. The key to defeating Hobbes is to watch for the type of wall-mounted arm it brings against your group from outside the arena. The right spider-like arm uses rotational, conal, and circular attacks, the flamethrowers use linear moves, and Hobbes itself will periodically use stack or raid-wide lasers to amp up incoming damage.

But repeated blows will deal significant damage. The biggest one to watch out for is a falling crate of explosive machines toward the end. These drop as the right arm begins its outward-in radial strike, so be sure to stick to the closest outer edge to avoid being squashed by the falling box.

copied factory ffxiv

We all knew it was coming. The original Goliath. Engels uses many attacks fans of NieR: Automata will instantly recognize. The key to avoiding the saw arms is to watch how both they and Engels are positioned.

The arms deal area damage across halves or quarters of the arena.This takes twenty-four players into a NieR Automata inspired dungeon where players will battle familiar foes from the hit. Not so difficult where players give up, but expect quite a few deaths in the process. There are spoilers, so read this guide at your own discretion. These are easy to avoid, but because they move so slow you can forget about them. Very easy to dodge. Energy Assault : The first tricky attack.

SJ will turn in a direction and shoot orbs in a large cone. This can be difficult to predict with the boss being fairly symmetrical and all the special effects going off. It will slowly chip away at your health the longer you stay in it. Systematic Targeting : The same units from Systematic Siege will come down in the arena and target random players.

Centrifugal Spin : He will spin in front and behind him. Get his sides unless you wanna go flying.

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Each will be tied to a belt either inside or out. Do not get under them otherwise they will hit you for immense damage and put a debuff on you. Just place yourself just outside the first set of laser beams and move onto the safe side immediately afterwards.

That is basically all the mechanics this boss has. Not much to this fight. The first group goes down fast. The second group takes more time to kill, with four of them shooting orbs in all different directions and the Multi-leg Medium Model in the middle attacking with a line attack. Arguably the most challenging fight in the entire raid, this will have each alliance on their own platforms.

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This also rotates different attack patterns to each party.Please note that the tooltip code cannot be used outside of the Eorzea Database. The above tooltip code can be used to embed entries from the Eorzea Database in your blog or website. Please note tooltip codes can only be used on compatible websites. Filter which items are to be displayed below. This website uses cookies. If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy for more information.

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copied factory ffxiv

Ultimate Raids. Gathering Log. Text Commands. The Copied Factory Lv. Treasure Coffer Treasure Coffer. Allagan Tomestone of Allegory. Manufactured Coin.

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Treasure Coffer 1 Treasure Coffer 1. Pod Alien Manifestation Orchestrion Roll.Patch 5. The first way to get the 2B and 9S outfits is by getting your weekly gear drop from the Copied Factory raid. There are a total of four bosses in the raid, and each boss will drop a treasure for each alliance taking part. This means that each alliance will get a chance to roll for two random pieces of loot: head, chest, arms, legs, and boots.

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While the gear itself is separated into the usual categories fending, scouting, maiming, aiming, casting, healing, and striking as per usual, all of the gear pieces actually look more or less the same, and the look only varies if your character is male or female.

If playing as a male character, the gear will look like the jacket, shorts and blindfold that 9S wears.

After beating the Copied Factory raid and defeating the final boss, there will be an extra treasure chest that comes with three 2B outfit coffers. These coffers can be rolled on by all 24 people in the raid. Only male characters can get the 9S-themed outfits, and the 2B-themed outfits are available for both genders. You can either get the outfits through the weekly loot drops from the Copied Factory raid, or try to get the 2B outfit coffer from the final chest in the raid as many times as you want within the week.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on patch 5. Connect with us. Continue Reading. To Top.That said, if the challenge is too steep for you, check out the walkthrough below so you can nab yourself some lovely The Copied Factory loot.

First, you have to be level 80 and have an item level of to start the raid. You must have completed the Main Scenario of Shadowbringers and finished the unlock quests, which you can start by speaking to the Gossipy Dwarf in Kholusia location Once in The Copied Factory, you and the 23 other members of the Alliance have minutes to complete the raid and progress the story.

There are six objectives in the raid and four bosses to overcome to complete the duty. So, here's how to tackle them. Loading into The Copied Factory spawns you into a derelict warehouse; there's no time wasted in indulging in the iconic stylings of NieR: Automata. Following 2P will drop you down into a boss room where you will come across your first big adversary. This first encounter starts with a tank buster called Systematic Siege.

The main tank should mitigate the damage, with all other players in front of the boss getting out the way. The next attack will be Clanging Blowanother tank buster your tank needs to soak up. As this is happening machines will circle the exterior of the arena and begin shooting balls of energy into the arena.

If a ball hits a player, they will be damaged and gain a vulnerability debuff, so avoid these as much as possible. Forceful Impact will hit the Alliance with a room-wide AoE that needs healing. Then the boss calls down a machine buddy who uses Energy Assault to blast the room with energy balls in a large cone. Move behind the direction of the conal attack to avoid as much damage as possible.

Now additional machines join the fight and cast Systematic Targeting : this targets multiple players with a laser. Players targeted should aim this outside the arena to avoid others getting caught in the crossfire. Centrifugal Spin is next: this casts a line of damage from behind and in front of the boss, so move to its side to avoid damage and a vulnerability debuff. From there, Systematic Airstrike lets loose machines that drop energy balls from above, causing damage and further vulnerability stacks.

These machines follow a set path that appear on the arena floor, so respond accordingly. Systematic Suppression fires massive lasers that stagger in different sections of the arena. Move out the way of the first charge and then move to safety before the next batch fires. From here, prior mechanics begin to re-emerge, but more frequently. Also Energy Bombardment sees energy balls unleashed into the air to crash down into the arena, so avoid the telegraphed damage indicators.

Sidestriking Spin is similar to Centrifugal Spinbut it comes from the boss' flanks.

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Systematic Airstrikes will pour down once again, only now the boss will also cast Shockwave. This forces players away from the boss and potentially into the line of fire from the airstrikes. Next the boss sends out energy calls in a circle around him: move out of the orange puddle for the first wave, then move into melee range to avoid the second and third wave. Then the boss rotates though previous mechanics until you take them down. With Warehouse A clear, it's time to collect your loot and move onto the next objective.